City Trip London

City Trip London

Weekend in London Tipps

Where to stay?

Melia ME Hotel, Soho

What to do?  Big Bus Tour: best way to see most of the sightseeing spots in a short time. Hop off at the Tower of London and take the Ferry down the thames to Big Ben from there you can again hop on the Bus and continue the tour. 
What to see? 

London Eye for the perfect view over the city

Buckingham Palace - a must when you're in London

Where to shop? 

Regents and Oxford Street

Harrods - Luxury Fashion

Where to relax? Regents Park 
Where to eat? 

Chotto Matte, Soho


We took the last flight out from Luxembourg and arrived at Heathrow Airport in the late evening, from there we took the Heathrow Express to Paddington station which takes about 15 minutes. It was our first time visiting London, we didn't know the city and the best place to stay. So we booked through our Amex concierge service and they proposed us quite a few nice hotels including some amazing deals. The ME Hotel in Soho appealed the most to us, a modern young and exclusive hotel with very good reviews on Tripadvisor. But what sold us was the amazing rooftop bar on the 10th floor overlooking the city. Where we had a drink right after our check-in.


ME Hotel in Soho

The next morning we immediately wanted to go out and explore the city, as it was a beautiful nice sunny day. But first we needed some coffee. We walked out from the hotel right on Wellington street were we came by the Double shot coffee, a pretty little café in a side street called Tavistock. Here we enjoyed our breakfast on a big cozy couch.



Buckingham Palace


Next on our list was a typical sightseeing bus tour through London, best way to see a lot of sights in a short time. We stopped at the Tower of London station and took the boat all the way down the river Thamse to Westminster. Took a lot of pictures of the Big Ben and moved on with the bus tour to Buckingham palace. From there we walked all the way to Knightsbridge where we had a short Lunch break in Ishbilia a Libanese Restaurant. We've never tried Lebanese food before, it was delicious. Afterwards we walked through Regent's Park which has the most beautiful variation of all kind of roses. We finished the bus tour and came back to the hotel. My first impression of London was fantastic, I really like this city.



We were exhausted but hadn't had enough time to rest, as we wanted to see the sunset from London Eye. So we walked over the waterloo bridge to the London Eye where we enjoyed the last sunbeams going down the horizont. Right after we went back to Soho, it was a short walk took us about 15 minutes. We spot Christopher's Martini Bar on our way along to dinner and as we were a bit early we decided to stop there for an aperitif. Afterwards we had an amazing Italian dinner at Citinelli, with a tapas styled menu where you share different Italien dishes. Accompanied with a good glas of Montepulciano and Italian music was it the perfect end of this eventful day.


London Eye


Christopher's Martini Bar in Soho


The next day we sleeped in a bit, as we didn't had planned anything in particular. We had breakfast at Bill's on Wellington and walked to Covent Garden all the way to Picadilly Circus, did some shopping on Oxford and Regents street and walked up to Marble Arch were we had a coffee in Hyde Park. After a stroll through Hyde Park we went to the famous shopping center Harrods. After spending some time there we went back to the hotel to drop off our shopping bags and relaxed for a bit. You can walk pretty much everywhere by foot. 


Regents Park


We wanted to spend our last night in London in an exclusive restaurant. Our concierge team was able to get us last minute a table in the fancy Japanese-Peruvian Fusion Restaurant Chotto Matte on Frith Street, Soho. After the delicious dinner we came through china town on our way back to the hotel. 

Our last day was not very eventful, we had a nice breakfast in Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden and a pleasant walk around the area before we headed back to the airport. It was a nice weekend getaway with a lot of happy memories!


Covent Garden


+ / -

London is very central, good connections and easy to travel to when you live in Europe

The city is very crowded especially in the summer months, also because the weather is rather good during this time of the year. London is a very expensive city, be it accommodation, food or sightseeing attraction wise. It's really overpriced for what you get. 

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