New York City Trip

New York City Trip

A few Days in Manhattan Tipps
Where to stay?  The Carlyle, Upper East side
What to do? 

see a Broadwayshow

visit the Top of the Rock

What to see? 

Statue of Liberty 

Empire State Building 

911 Memorial 

Where to shop?  Soho Area
Where to relax? 

Central Park

Battery Park 

Where to eat?

Spice Market, Meatpacking District

ABC Kitchen, Flatiron District

The Glass House Tavern, Times Square

Gansevoort Rooftop, Meatpacking District - for Drinks

Candle Café, Upper East Side - Organic Vegan 


Oh New York New York! I love it here, especially for the amazing shopping oppertunities!

This mega city has a lot to offer, be it historical, to discover new fashion trends or experience the madness of the city that never sleeps. There is nothing you can't do. Amazing museums, art galleries or attractions you can see. If you enjoy working out go for a bicycle tour around central park. Have a look at Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty or the 9/11 Memorial. Visit the Empire state building by night after a Broadwayshow next to Timesquare. Have a drink in one of the Rooftopbars or Restaurants with an incredible view over the skyline of Manhattan. Just a few Tipps what we like to do when we're visiting. 

Here a few impressions of our last stay in December. 


Central Park





New York City Cab


Gansevoort Market - Meatpacking District


911 Memorial



One World Trade Center


In the streets of NYC


Timesquare by Night



Gansevoort Hotel Rooftop


+ / - 

There is something certain about this city, even that it is so loud, crowded and hectic all the time. The subway stations are dirty and if you're lucky you can meet rats down there. Most of the streets are also very damaged and dirty. Trash bags lying around for days. There are also so much annoying street vendors. It's not the prettiest city but you have to experienced that madness once. 

On the other hand the city has so much storys to tell. And there are so much nice spots, like the highline or the Battery Park with the view onto Ellis Island. Countless nice restaurants and amazing Rooftop Bars. 

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